1. Personal login facility (User Name and Password required)

  • This facility enables you to personally login and administer Pre-Owned Caravans.
  • To learn how to do this, follow the training instructions and help files on this site.
  • You would use the Classifieds Section to learn how to manage the Pre-Owned Caravans.
  • We will continually update these pages so please visit this site for new updates.
Personalized login

2. Send us an E-mail to updates@sacctn.co.za or Fax to 033 326 1373

  • You can send us a list of your Pre-Owned Caravans.
  • Send us a full list of your current pre-owned caravans for updating, we would remove all the vans from your classifieds and replace them with what you have sent us.
  • This would give you the ability to just continue with your own work selling products and let us take care of your Pre-Owned Caravans needs.
  • This "Pre-Owned Solution" automatically adds your vans into the corporate CaravanParks.com Classifieds Solution providing greater exposure.  This provides a central point where the public can view all the Pre-Owned Caravans in a country-wide database.
  • Unfortuantly we will not upload photo's on your behalf, except if there is one photo per caravan and the total of caravans is five or less.

Classifieds Help Video

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